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American Association of University
Women:   Dreamers and Doers Awards
Banquet March 2009

Jo displayed her artwork at this event held at Heritage Hill
Park in Allouez, Wisconsin
Arti-Gras 2009  

Jo demonstrated her drawing skills for local TV station
Channel 5 to advertise for Arti-Gras and The ARTgarage
Face It 2008  

Jo was part of this year long project at The ARTgarage
to capture the many faces that make up Green Bay,
Wisconsin.  Artist met every Sunday evening to render
the portraits.  Jo used her drawing, painting and
printmaking skills to create a variety of "faces".
Oil Paintings
Print Works
and Collages
For More Information on Face It,
go to
The ARTgarage Art Meets Heart
Community Mosaic Project:

Jo demonstrated her painting skills in creating both a
6" x 6" Rose painting for the mosaic and a larger
9"x12" Iris painting for the silent auction.

The Community Mosaic involved people from all walks
of life, including professional artists. Over 300 "tiles"
were created. Each artist was required to include a story
about the artwork, and how the artwork related to the
Art Meets Heart theme.  At the end of the event, the
individual tiles were raffled off, and the stories then
lived on in those who received them . . .