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Alla Prima Oil Painting Demo

The following photos are of an oil painting done en plein air in Jo Watson's
backyard with a palette knife
Step 1:  Background colors are blocked in
over untoned canvas until the white is
covered.  Note:  Bright pink areas preserved
where flowers will eventually be placed
Step 2:  Further development of the upper
surface colors with thicker paint using a
palette knife
Step 3:  Continued development of lower
portion of painting.  The session needed to
end before the pedestal of the bird bath could
be completed, therefore the paint was scraped
smooth with the palette knife to preserve a
suitable surface for future placement of paint
Step 3:  Detail,
upper portion of
Step 3:  Detail, showing lower
portion of painting
Step 4:  Final Painting with completion of bird
bath pedestal
Completed "Backyard Watering Hole"
Oil on Canvas,  8" x  16",
$195.00 Framed

This painting will be on display on the Mezzanine
of the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay,
Wisconsin, as part of the "Artists of Studio 210:  
2008" Exhibit from September 19 - November 15,