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Layer 3: Finishing
"Bloom Where You're Planted"
Oil on Canvas
6" x 6"
"The Look (Cat)"   Oil on Canvas
Unfortunately, I was so excited about finishing this
painting that I forgot to take photos of the process.  As
you can see, with just a few modifications edges are
crisper, highlights are brighter, and the "space" that
the roses occupy becomes more 3-D.
I used the same process for this Art Meets Heart painting.  The monochromatic
under-painting (not shown) was done in a red/orange/burnt sienna color and "shines"
through -- in effect becoming part of the sunshine depicted in the painting.
"Open Your Heart"
Oil on Canvas
9" x 12"
To finalize the roses painting, I begin to pay attention to detail i.e. I try to form a more definite sense of the
form and shape of each petal or area by further developing the light and dark colors.  I usually start with the
darks and shadow colors first, then the mid-tones and add the lightest "highlight" touches last.  At this stage I
allow some edges to be sharp and crisp, and let others meld into the next area.