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New Artwork:

Below is a triptych that I completed for my home in Green Bay.  The flowers consist of hand made paper  made from recycled
old World Book Encyclopedia pages. The leaves are also made from hand made paper from natural sources (pine needles,
fruit peels, leaves, flowers) and I also used some old dress pattern paper. Each material has its own color and texture. The
background colors are acrylic. The entire piece is 56" tall x 100" wide. I absolutely love the texture that the paper gives to
the piece. I haven't worked in much mixed media before, but I am very pleased with the way this "painting" with paper turned
out.  The piece took over a year to complete, not because of the difficulty but because I was healing from a stress fracture
and surgery for a labral tear of my hip bicycle accident!).  

5/29/17: The exciting news is that my husband and I will be in New Zealand for a year. Sad that we have to leave our house,
but this amazing artwork has found a permanent home at the Green Bay YWCA. It was donated to the YWCA as part of the
Green Bay Art Colony project to install art in the Baer Room in Memory of Lela Jahn.  Kudos to members of the GBAC who did
a fantastic job of making this artwork and many others shine in the Baer Room.