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"Life Spirit"
Solarplate Intaglio
4 3/4" x 8"
$95.00 Framed
Four Women, Nine Spirits Series:
"Blue Vase"
Solarplate Intaglio on Hand-made Paper
5" x 7"
$75.00 Framed
Solarplate Intaglio 2-plate Print with
Chine Colle
7" x 10"
$85.00 Unframed
In 2006, four women artists, including myself, met and  
agreed to make a series of artworks based on the
American Indian concept of Totem Animal Spirit
Because of the number of artworks in this series, I
have decided to include it on a separate website page.  
Please click on the link below for further information
and to view the artworks.

Click Here to view the Four Women, Nine Spirits
Artwork Series as Exhibited
Above:  Solarplate Intaglio Monoprint "Power

Right:  Jo Watson with Four Women, Nine
Spirits Series as displayed at The ARTgarage in
Green Bay, Wisconsin, September 2008
Printmaking:  Intaglio
Intaglio is a printmaking process
where the ink is held in the grooves of
a plate and the paper or support must
be pushed under pressure into the
grooves to transfer the ink.   The plates
can be metal and the grooves created by
carving or etching, or by exposing and
developing a photosensitive surface
polymer, among others.
Sorry, SOLD