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"Judgement Day"
Solarplate Intaglio on Monotype
7" x 7"
Sorry, SOLD
"What Lies Within"
Solarplate Intaglio  over Monotype
7" x 7"
$30.00 Framed

(This artwork can currently be seen at
the Gallery of the Door County Art
League in the Top of the Hill Shops in
Fish Creek, WI)
Printmaking:  Monoprint
A Monoprint is a one of a kind
print.  To be a monoprint, either a
relief or intaglio print is inked up in a
one of a kind way, or a monotype plate
is used as part of a multiple plate print.  
The result is a unique print that could
be re-printed, but never in exactly the
same way.
Click on the image to see a larger version:
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"Tropical Tease"
Oil Monotype with Embroidery
7" x 7"

(This artwork can currently be seen at
The ARTgarage in Green Bay, WI)
Sorry, SOLD
Sorry, SOLD
Sorry, SOLD